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Nina Agdal Posts Instagram Photo With Mike Trout, Is ‘Cheating’ On Bryce Harper

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MLB Player Bryce Harper Goes Shirtless for ESPN Body Issue: Photo # Read More Here. Posted to Bryce Harper, Nina Agdal, Shirtless Kristen Stewart Enjoys Lunch Date with Girlfriend Dylan Meyer!

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Bryce harper dating nina agdal wiki

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Sorry ladies, Bryce Harper is now married!

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Bryce harper dating nina agdal

Mike Rizzo flew to California today, and while that tidbit of information might start the rumor mill churning, this is no big deal as Rizzo was attending the nuptials of Bryce Harper and Kayla Varner who are getting married later today in a Friday ceremony. The guest list is long, but still not large enough for all the Nats to make the cut. There were also some other teammates on the guest list as well as childhood teammate Kris Bryant. We are trying to find out if Drake LaRoche will be attending, but we did not see him on the list.

Also noticeably missing is Jonathan Papelbon who is reportedly dealing with some personal issues.

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Adam Levine Dating Nina Agdal!