A posh PR girl whose job involved shepherding celebrities in and out of exclusive nightclubs, Cheska spent four years on screen guzzling champagne, swishing her huge mane of blonde hair and tottering about on 6in Louboutins. Yet today, Cheska has renounced it all and looks back on her Made In Chelsea years with palpable horror. Far from being a bit of light-hearted fun, Cheska says it was a traumatic ordeal, where the storylines played to the whims of television svengalis determined to ramp up the drama. So stressful did it become that it affected her mental health, causing extreme anxiety and depression. At one point, she even had a stalker who threatened to kill her. A prestigious Bafta award for the show — now on its 15th series and watched by an audience of , — only served to make the situation worse, she claims. By the time she left, she was unable to hear the theme tune without feeling a sense of panic.


KPop wikipedia. Showing posts with the label photo. Read More. That is the question of all. On a production presentation of a new Chinese drama, Jiang Kaitong , a Chinese actress, was asked if G-Dragon shared the photo above on his Twitter.

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Tidbits:: — Cheska is from USA, and Cao Lu is from China — Cheska has the most aegyo — Yezi is the most different on and off camera — The group has been on a year hiatus — Cheska would like to get married in 4yrs, but that might not be possible so maybe in 7yrs. Q: Do you have dating restrictions? A: Their company encourages them to go out and date, because it is believed that emotions of dating will come rough in their music. Since they have busy schedules there is no time for dating, although there are some guys who have caught their attention.

Q: How did you come to Korea? While studying Film she discovered that she like being on camera. She then decided being a singer might be something worth pursuing. Her parents told her to go to Korea and now here she is. Q: Are there any fans that stand out in your mind? A: There is a male fan who does a cheer routine for the group all by himself during some of their performances. Cao Lu has winked at him. Fiestar is going to go big in !

Channel FIESTAR (2013-11-28 – 2014-01-16)

The video has loads of fun things going on and some guys acting very guy like sorry fellas lol. The song itself is very catchy and has a very easy to remember tune. This is in fact due to them using a nursery rhyme that you may recognize. Article by: Angelspatience Edited by: Danielle.

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Though I did not necessarily intend to review this show nor in this order; this review was to be after an album review, sorry to the reader who requested it , for the purpose of adding variety to the blog and to experiment with show reviews and, in truth, a shorter write , one will be conducted. However, unlike past show reviews where, truthfully, merely summarizing the show occurred, I will now focus moreover on my opinion regarding the show.

Nevertheless, minimal summarizing will occur to bring in context, and, for what many readers desire, pictures on the subject of pictures, I am utterly grateful with my friend creating multiple blog icons, and after some debate, I have settled down with this current one. Brushing aside technicalities, a brief summary will still be conducted of the show, but afterwards, my overall opinion regarding its entertainment value and potential criticism will be given.

Elaborating why it remains highly distinctive, seldom does an activity simply orientate towards acting skits; often time activities solely involve games, athleticness, or even singing and dancing. As a result, a simplistic skit is, despite being plain, incredibly delightful. Now of course, games are utilized in shows for a reason: entertainment.

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Tubs will also be talking to the Six Nations Man of the match Tadhg Furlong about last weekend s success.

Fiestar had a Star Date with DJ SeeAn in the SoundK studio. Cheska is not a diet person, and has a habit of eating in her sleep if food is.

Today, I made this special appreciation blog for a group I love with all my heart that also deserve much recognition. My ultimate girl group, I introduce you all to Fiestar. Just like their name, the girls aspire to bring exciting and energetic music to all the listeners out there and transform their stages into a ‘fiesta’ festival or party , all the while showcasing their talented vocals and performances. K, and ZE:A Hyungsik. Crazy Dog. Sse Sse Sse. Anck Su Namum. Personally one of my favorite debuts in all of Kpop.

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Original Article from Koreaboo. Former Fiestar member Cheska recently held a live stream on her Twitch channel, where she answered fan questions about her time in the K-Pop industry, revealing previously unknown industry secrets, details about the team dynamic within her own group, her experience with sexual abuse, her personal mental health, and much more.

She mentioned why she wanted to talk about her personal experience of being in the industry. Cheska mentioned that she was bullied by both Yezi and Jei. A fan mentioned that they would also get into fights with their friends, but they would make up after the fight, and Cheska agreed to that mentality, but the other Fiestar members did not.

Geeks’ Lil Boi and Cheska, formerly from FIESTAR, are in a relationship. Earlier today, news broke out that Lil Boi and Cheska have been spotted on dates.

I thought this article was about foreign celebrities dating for a second but it’s not. I get that we’re living in a global generation but why are we ditching the beautiful Korean names given to us by our parents and using English names? Moving on to the net article. What’s up with their names. Forever jealous of Tiger and Panda. Those hoes taking good ass IGNs. Their scandal bring nothing big issue in the industry, just a common couple you can find on the streets.


Today, I made this special appreciation blog for a group I love with all my heart that also deserve much recognition. My ultimate girl group, I introduce you all to Fiestar. Just like their name, the girls aspire to bring exciting and energetic music to all the listeners out there and transform their stages into a ‘fiesta’ festival or party , all the while showcasing their talented vocals and performances.

Most likely dating to the s, or possibly the mid to late s. For porcelain collectors, this makes dating your piece really easy. Dbsk dating on earth eng sub part 1 · Dating czech jewelry · Ang dating daan religion history · Fiestar cheska dating.

Here are our picks for the absolute shadiest of the shady and the most savage of the savage-est females in the KPOP sphere. Kanisha is a girl who only dreamed of finding happiness before her time ends as she loss something that sustained her life energy. I had already heard quite some stuff years ago, back to when the hallyu Korean wave was definitely weaker and idols were a lot less popular compared to now, but never actually tried to dive deeper into it.

Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Myth is a story that was told in an ancient culture to explain a practice, belief, or natural occurrence. You can say these songs may be a bit bland, but do realize that many of the same producers involved in K-Pop produce pop music in other places as well. Laala Manaka’s friends and classmates aspire to become idols, but her school forbids elementary school students from participating in the idol competitions.

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